Hey there! My name is Sarah Natsumi Moore and I am a photographer, explorer, and ponderer. I started out 2016 with a list of lofty goals, full of metrics and benchmarks that seemed important at the time of writing, but two weeks into the year realized I no longer cared to “make more money” or “grow my Instagram followers.” I put the list away and took comfort In the Great British Baking Show (it's good I swear!).

So for the next year I’m trading these New Year’s resolutions for a series of life experiments—12 monthly experiments to be exact. Instead of focusing on success, prestige or image, I am going to spend each month as a guinea pig living in a way that challenges my fears and/or questions my current way of living. I want to explore life’s big questions while also testing simple habits that create contentment. It will be my personal research on being.

Update: I finished my first round of experiments and am running a new set of experiments in 2019. I’m also inviting others to join! Interested? Take a look here.

My running monthly experiments so far:  

  1. A Month of Saying Cleaning: Clean my home and organize my life - Completed, January 2019

  2. A Month of Business: Getting the business part of my life together - Completed, February 2019

  3. A Month of Yoga: Following the eight limbs of yoga - Completed, March 2019

  4. A Month of Style: Build a new wardrobe - Completed, April 2019

  5. A Month of Music: Play my violin everyday! - Completed, May 2019

  6. A month of Break/Honeymoon! - Completed, June 209

  7. A Month of Money: Get on a tight budget post Honeymoon - Completed, July 2019

  8. A Month of Abundance: Appreciate what you already have - Completed, August 2019

  9. A Month of Vegetables: A plant based whole foods diet - Current, September, 2019

 (Yes, I’m freaking out.)

The experiments will take place from January 1, 2019 until January 1, 2020. Each week I will report back with thoughts, findings, and lessons learned. These experiments are still works in progress so feel free to share your ideas and take part in the process!

You can follow my daily updates on instagram. Want to drop a line? Reach out here. If you want monthly updates in your inbox, sign up here!

If you also want to start your own experiments, check out my guide of 100 experiment ideas!