First Experiment: Saying Yes

reading in tub sarah natsumi moore

Yes. Yes? Yes! The opposite of “No.” The opposite of “I can’t.” The opposite of the radio silence I’m sometimes (ok often) known to give when I’m busy watching youtube makeup tutorials instructed to me by Asian tweens. Hibernation is necessary but it’s time to get out of this wintertime rut. The month of February will be dedicated to saying YES. I get so overwhelmed by the amount of options in Austin that I often resort to doing the same old things. Work, yoga, dinner with friends…rinse and repeat. I’m not complaining—it’s a fine existence, but what would it be like if I opened up to all the options I usually filter out in order to stick to my routine? Maybe I’ll just end up late night at karaoke singing along to Journey regretting this damn project, but who knows? Maybe it’ll be great!

The Experiment:  Saying YES to (mostly) everything in February.

The rules: A lady must protect herself when embarking on an adventure. I don’t want to end up in the hospital like this guy.

  1. It has to be within my normal budget so I can’t say YES to flying off to Jamaica for the weekend (I wish).
  2. It cannot conflict with my work schedule. I gotta continue making money and not go bankrupt for a blog (see rule number one).
  3. I am allowed to use my instincts and say NO if it feels creepy.
  4. If I already committed to a YES, I gotta stick to that one. This will test my grass-is-greener tendencies.
  5. The inquiries must come from people, not FB event invites or newsletters.

The reason: To test my routine, challenge my flakey tendencies, and open up to novelty. 

I’ll document the project along the way and let you know how it goes. Let the first experiment begin!