Day 11: K-Beauty

Today went much better. Sort of. I woke up at my scheduled 5:30am and did all the things! So much so that I finished work at about 2pm, right around the time that I wanted to fall back asleep. I didn't really make any rules about napping but I figured it was better to power through as to not screw up my sleep cycle. So I started perusing the internet and got seriously sucked into make up tutorials on youtube. Specifically, Korean Beauty trends. My lethargic self could not get enough of these videos. Two hours in, I decided I need to take action! With fatigue on my side, and self-control seemingly non-existent, I drove over to Sephora and ended up finding the first Asian makeup consultant and unloaded my just acquired youtube knowledge on her. She'd seen this mania before, "yes I see, you're looking for the dewey natural look, right this way." Apparently I wasn't the only one watching K-beauty videos. She walked me through all the "essentials" and within the hour I happily dropped my life's savings on shimmery BB creams and baby flushed pink blush. Month of money Sarah would not be have approved. 

So I discovered that I should not be awarded with extra hours in the day. I just blow it on makeup.