Days 13-17: Sleep Debt

Guess what Guess what?! I shouldn't be so excited about this because I'm actually failing at my experiment, but I've been sleeping in so hard and I couldn't be happier. My decluttering friend Savanah told me I was catching up on my sleep deficit and that it was healthy. This is common sense but I never thought about the concept of sleep debt and how you can repay lost sleep back. That's a thing? Apparently so, because I've been torturing myself with insufficient sleep, my body has gone into over drive re-paying those debts. I've been sleeping 8-11 hours a night the past few days. Because I'm naturally a night owl, I've had a tough time getting to bed early, leaving me perpetually sleep deprived when I wake up in the morning. I'm a little confused as to what to do. Do I continue on with my experiment and force myself to sleep earlier? Or do I call it a failed experiment and call it a day? Maybe I just need to include naps? What do you think?