Experiment 9: Final Thoughts

I am retroactively writing this a month later because I despised the experiment so much that I shoved all the tortured tired memories into a dark corner of my mind, only to resurface now that I'm home jet lagged from my European adventure one experiment later. 

Right now I'm dealing with the feeling of being so fatigued you want to puke. You know that feeling? When you have a 6am flight and you need to be at the airport at 4am and you feel like puking when you're forced to wake up at 3am? If you don't know, then awesome! You were blessed with a resilient body and I am a weakling in the evolutionary experiment of humans.

Here's what I learned during my short stint at being an early riser. 

The Good: 

At the very least, I gave it a shot. So now I truly know that I suck at mornings. 

I'm not cut out for early mornings simply because I'm not cut out for sleep deprivation. Sleep deprivation, I found out is the only conclusion to early mornings because I refuse to go to bed at 9pm. So much of my life exists in the night and it was too difficult for me to give up my nights to buy time for the morning. womp womp. 

Knowing that I'm not a morning person AND a person who really needs eight hours of sleep allowed me to finally surrender to my natural rhythm and needs. No more guilt for being ME, a sleep-loving-vampire-sloth. 

The Bad: 

I mean really, mostly everything. 

So, now I know. I love sleep. I respect sleep. I pray to the gods of rest and slumber and I will sell my soul to continue to have adequate sleep for the rest of my life. Thank you and goodnight.