Tenth Experiment: Photography Reboot

I'm in Paris!!

I'm in Paris!!

Is it a dumb dumb move to redo an experiment when you only have 12 experiments to work with? I've been conflicted with this idea but the truth is, I really want to give my month of personal photography a second chance. 

Here's why:

1. I didn't give my first round at personal photography a solid chance. 

2. I made excuses about being too busy with client work. 

3. I made excuses about not liking Austin as my backdrop for photography.

That's all fine but now I'm on a three-week trip traveling around Europe. I'm here for fun...and personal photography! I don't have client work and I'm not in Austin. No excuses right? Well, We'll see about that. 

But with all of these previous obstacles out of the way, I want to give this experiment a real shot. I'm excited! 

The Experiment: A personal photography reboot.

The Rules: To shoot everyday in Europe and showcase my results! 

The Reason: I really don't want to give up the pleasure of taking pictures outside of office hours. 

Off to wander the city with my handy dandy camera!