Day 24: Zero Waste Beauty

I'm making my own tooth paste and lotion now. I stopped using conditioner. I "shampoo" with a bar. I threw out my freaking expensive CC cream after reading about the chemicals in it. I think I've gone too far but I can't stop! I love zero waste! Who knew I could get this excited about homemade toothpaste. 

Zero Waste Beauty Swaps

  • Plastic Body Wash > Unpackaged Soap Bar from Whole Foods
  • Shampoo & Conditioner in plastic bottles > Shampoo Bar 
  • Lotion > Homemade Body Butter
  • CC Cream > Nothing
  • Toothpaste > Homemade Toothpaste
  • Eyeshadow & Bronzer > Cocoa powder from bulk bin (Not sure I like this) 

I'm still using packaged stuff. I haven't found replacements for sunblock, mascara, eyeliner, and blush. I doubt I'll give those up but at this rate, who even knows! 

Body lotion and Toothpaste recipes below: