Day 28: Zero Waste Laundry

I'm living in Europe/Japan again. I'm drying my clothes with the air. GASP. Americans have a love affair with the dryer and I am one of them. The magical machine makes your sheets and towels so warm and soft. It's wonderful. I also have a dryer in my house and It taunts me every time I take my clothes out of the washer and spend 10 minutes organizing each sock on this cumbersome wire contraption. As much as I love my clothes dryer, environmentally and financially speaking, it makes no sense. 

"The dryer is the third-most energy-hungry appliance, after the refrigerator and washer. Air-drying your clothes can reduce the average household’s carbon footprint by a whopping 2,400 pounds a year." -Green America  

I live in Texas where it's sunny basically all the time. My washer is right next to my back door where I can easily hang my clothes outside. It takes about two hours to dry. That's it! So I'm doing just that.

Other changes include cutting back on laundry altogether. I have a lazy habit of throwing my clothes on the floor as soon as I take it off. Days later I assume they are dirty and end up in the wash too soon. Now I'm making a habit of putting up cleanish clothes as soon as I take it off so I don't end up with extra loads of unnecessary washing. I've probably cut down my laundry by half this month. That's great! Having to hang dry my clothes is yet another incentive to not do laundry as much. 

Finally, I swapped out my detergent for more eco-friendly options. I used to use this basic bitch HEB detergent because it was cheap. I can't really justify it now that I know about the pitfalls of plastic and all the unnecessary chemicals in the detergent. I mostly recently bought an all natural detergent from The Simply Co. The container is glass and reusable. These are the things that excite me now. Sad. I also found bulk washing powder at ingredients last week. Ingredients, you have everything! 

One more thing. I don't really take my clothes to the dry cleaners but I ordered a tiny fabric steamer to replace my iron last year and it's the best!

Surprisingly, there's been a ton of changes in the laundry department. So far I still smell normal and my clothes are fine. I hope I can stick to these changes.