Day 10: Anomalisa

"Excuse me" the elderly lady next to me nudged.


"You're young, did you understand that film?" 

"umm.... yessss?"

"Can you explain it to me?" 


Today I said "yes" to a screening of Anomalisa at the Academy. I was wandering around Los Feliz with Beckett the dog when I got a text from my temporary next door neighbor to join him. "yes! I'd love to go!" 

I enjoyed the film. The woman next to me was completely perplexed by it. She came only because she loved animations and chose me, the girl who must accept her challenge of dissecting Kaufman's psyche to her. 

As we talked about about the film's themes: identity, pleasure or the lack thereof, and the meaning of human existence, I started to see my own parallels to the film with this current project. My own need to shake up my current existence lead to this. I was standing in a cinema in Los Angeles chatting with a widowed Austrian woman about life in all its sadness and glory all because I kept saying "yes" to everything that came my way. I felt incredibly grateful to share this moment with her.