Day 8: No Toast, Just Pizza

When I decided to experiment with a month of saying "yes" to everything, I promised myself that I had to have a good attitude each time I said "yes." What's the point of agreeing to be at the whim of others if I'm totally disengaged or obviously wishing I was at home cuddling with my dog (mostly true). I was going to reframe my perspective and look forward to the uncomfortable. I was going to face my fears, to conquer all! So when something like the toastmasters event came up, I was pumped. YES, I hate giving speeches but this is exactly why I did this project right? Unfortunately right before the event my friends decided to ditch the whole thing and opt for beer and pizza. Literally any other time in my life I would have been so relieved by this. Who wants to spend an evening riddled with stage fright? Definitely not me. But I got so amped up about facing this challenge and so excited to do something other than dining out that I was laughably disappointed by the change. I broke my good attitude rule and let myself brat it out for a minute until I realized how dumb it was to be annoyed that my friends asked me out to eat pizza. Eek, I'm quickly learning that I'm not so "go with the flow" after all.