Day 12-14: Yes on Vacation

I'm sure if I lived in Los Angeles I would never leave my neighborhood unless I was commuting to work. Honestly, I'm so stuck in my ways in East Austin that anything north of Hyde Park feels like Dallas to me. But saying "yes" on vacation when you have a car, friends, and no agenda had me venturing off into all corners of this sprawling city.

I said yes to 

  • A failed surf attempt in Malibu
  • A failed surf attempt in Santa Monica
  • Which lead to happy hour and shopping in Venice
  • Eating every kind of cuisine in every neighborhood
  • Dog sitting Beckett
  • Rooftop drinks under a bright pink LA style sunset
  • "yes, I'd love to buy your girl scout cookies." 
  • yes (accidentally) to strippers 
  • A screening of Anomalisa
  • Many reunions with amazing friends :)

It was a great trip full of spontaneous adventures. The types of adventures I hope to create in little ways back at home throughout this experiment. I am happy to be back in Austin but LA, I will miss you: you sexy, ugly, beautiful mess.