Day 16: Midpoint Reflection

Today, I am excited by life while simultaneously feeling exhausted by all the doing. Half the project is this site, where I document and reflect my observations but the other half is the lived experience, of actually being the guinea pig inside this experiment. But all this experiential living is leaving me no time to actually sit down to really write and reflect on how all of this is going. And I guess that's the whole point, to put myself out there and actually live out my life in the moment.

But back to reflections. How am I feeling half-way through experiment number one?

Really good!

Forcing a "yes" shows me how I often automatically reach for a "No" just out of habit. I also see how fervently I make impulsive decisions based on fleeting emotions. I mentioned before that I was going to have a good attitude while saying "yes" this month. This has been one of the most enlightening part of the whole experiment. Every time I have to agree to something I don't want to do, my initial reaction is negative but I try to instantly reframe my perspective to enjoy whatever comes my way. In a sense, I am choosing to be happy no matter the circumstance. Am I turning into the buddha? ;P

No but seriously, saying "yes" even if it is to a night of drinking or a shady house party, has ironically turned into a spiritual practice for the hedonist's soul. Who knew?