Day 20: Meditation Day

I said "yes" to a day-long meditation course. It was torture! I hadn't meditated for longer than 15 minutes in several months so observing my noisy mind for 6-hours straight was not the most exciting way to spend my Saturday. 

While I was stuck on the cushion I finally became aware of the parade of inquiries that flooded my mind. Thoughts like: 

"I'm so behind on the new Serial, but I still need to know if Adnan did it!" 

"Is early voting over?" 

"But what will the atomic family even look like in the next fifty years?" 

"Is it a full moon tonight?" 

"Solange or Beyonce?"

With each thought, my physical body wanted to take action. I wanted to find my iphone and check my email, to open up my laptop and research the news, to get sucked into a wikipedia black hole. But I was stuck, only to discover that my insatiable thirst for information had turned into a full on addiction. I realized I had a specific form of fomo: a fear of missing out...on content. 

On the upside, this epiphany gave birth to next month's experiment: A Month of Information Detox. I will elaborate more on that soon! 

After hours of torture, my friend Mary who invited me to the course took notice of my extra fidgety body and slipped me a note.

"You wanna skip the discourse and just go?" 

oh my god yes. 

I nodded in relief and we snuck outta there like Tim Robbins in The Shawshank Redemption