Day 24: Orgasmic Meditation

Yeah, you read the title correctly. I reluctantly said  "yes" to an orgasmic meditation orientation. A new friend took advantage of my month and thought it would be fun to up the ante for me. She assured me not to worry, that the orientation would be "completely pants on." 

Orgasmic meditation is something I'm still wrapping my mind around so I will have their website describe it: 

Orgasmic Meditation (OM) is a consciousness practice that is designed for singles and couples to experience more connection, vitality, pleasure, and meaning in every aspect of their lives. A partner strokes a woman’s clitoris for 15 minutes with no goal other than to feel, connect, and be present. With practice, you develop a larger state of consciousness, have better intimacy, and stronger connections.

My favorite review of this experience is here

This was by far the most difficult "yes" challenge. I really didn't want to go, but by some twist of fate I somehow convinced my dear friend Ramesh to join in on the evening. 

"Sarah! A meeting about the female orgasm?

I should mention that he is gay.

"Ramesh! I don't want to go alone. Pleaseeeee?" I pleaded. 

I was hitting a wall. Ramesh, my very calculated friend is not one for spontaneous "yeses" to new age pow wows and more to the point, who’s day-to-day life is far removed from the female orgasm.

After a long pause, I heard his surrender, "Fine. Let's go." 


He threatened to leave me only about eleven times on the drive up there. He suggested that he have a glass of wine at Uchiko and wait till I finished. When I parked in front of Book Woman, a local feminist book store he became convinced that he would be the only man there and refused to get out of the car. 

"Oops, sorry wrong address, its actually here!" 

It was a plain building filled with people of both sexes, we decided to walk in. 

The orientation was not nearly as dreadful as we anticipated. It was a G-rated way to create the same intimacy and connection that happens in Orgasmic Meditation but through communication games. It felt a lot like what I'd imagine group therapy to be. Here's a sample of what happens in a meeting.  

Surprisingly, the attendees were almost as hot and culturally diverse as the people in this video. I was scared that everyone there would be sex crazed freaks or worse, a smattering of creepy men eager to get their hands on the opposite sex.

When it came time for the hot seat, a game where one person is questioned about very intimate details of their life by the rest of the audience, I was too scared to volunteer. 

"Who's next on the hot seat?" said the host. 

"I will." 

I looked over and Ramesh was already striding up to the front of the room. 

A man raised his hand. "Ramesh, why did you volunteer just now?" 

"Because this evening has proven to be more fruitful than I expected." 

"Why is that?" 

"Because I never talk about my emotions." 

"Why don't you talk about your emotions?"

"Because it's easier to bury my feelings than talk about it with others." 

and the questions kept flooding towards him, heavier, deeper, forcing him to open up, one answer at a time. 

Its cheesy but I could see how this practice could have positive effects on both men and women. We walked in totally wound-up and closed off and left fully exposed after some real cathartic release. It wasn't exactly a climactic bang, but there was no denying that it was a night of shared intimacy. 

I almost forgot that we were at an introductory meeting to Orgasmic Meditation until the very end of the evening when the organizers began selling the next level, a weekend OM workshop. This time, pants off. A guy came up to me asked me what I thought about the night and if I had any questions regarding the next workshop. I started sweating. Please do not ask me to sign up. Right as he started to bring up the reasons why I should get involved, Ramesh tapped my shoulders. 

"Hey, we gotta go meet my sister now." 

Phew! As open minded as I think I am, that was a "yes" I could not even begin to commit to right now.