Day 3: Bangs?

“I’m thinking bangs would look really good on you! What do you think?” my fabulous hair stylist asked.

I’ve never been asked about bangs, every other stylist said bangs look bad with curly hair. Ok, NO I don’t want bangs. Oh no I have to say…

“Yessssss?” I muttered.

And just like that, I had bangs. I could have walked out with a blue mohawk so I’m gonna call this a win.

Later I told her about the project. She asked if I was being forced to say yes to things I didn’t want to do.

“Well, actually I’m getting a text now about seeing a show tonight at Hotel Vegas. I feel inclined to say no to things because I get tired of going out and doing the same old thing.”

“Oh? That’s my band tonight, I’m the drummer.” she casually mentioned as I squirmed in embarrassment in her salon chair. Oops.

So, I said yes to a new do and yes to live music. My drummer/stylist/friend was adorable and I had a fine time, making me remember why I used to enjoy saying “yes!”  to the random night out.