Day 4: Fortune Teller

I had dinner with my dear friends Clara and Jeff and said β€œyes” to an I Ching reading. The ancient Chinese text known also as the book of changes has been a source of guidance and wisdom for thousands of years. This was my first reading. I'm not really sure how the process works because I was only half paying attention while Jeff prepared the reading. There were broken sticks, candles, a big book. Seemed legit.

I received Hexagram 40, Thunder over Water.

A situation of sudden tension release (loss of containment - like a summer thunderstorm breaking the heat)


    DELIVERANCE. The southwest furthers.
    If there is no longer anything where one has to go,
    Return brings good fortune.
    If there is still something where one has to go,
    Hastening brings good fortune.

I'm not quite sure what any of this means yet, but I'll take it!