Days 5-7: Eatin and Drankin

“Wanna go to brunch?”

“Have you had dinner yet?”


“I’m hungry”

I’m realizing that so far in this experiment for better or for worse, that almost the entirety of my usual social outings seem to revolve around going out to bars, restaurants, and coffee shops. Signing up to say “yes” to everything in some ways have lead to more of the same (plus bangs) instead of more novelty in my life.

The weekend roundup:

  • Tea at Brew and Brew
  • Drinks at Barfly’s
  • Brunch at Blue Dahlia
  • Happy Hour at Whislers
  • Dinner at Sputnik
  • Drinks at Yellow Jacket

I feel full looking at this list, maybe it’s time to diversify? I have a hunch that leaving my normal routine in Austin for this upcoming trip to LA will help with this :). 

In other news, I said "yes" to joining a softball league! I know nothing about the sport. I'm scared of balls flying at my nose, seriously, like Amber from Clueless. And tomorrow I’m off to face my first real challenge. I reluctantly said “yes” to a toastmasters’ meetup. I am 100% terrified of public speaking so this ought to be interesting!