After my initial information detox breakdown, I entered a new stage of acceptance where life for a week or so went fairly smoothly. I was really starting to enjoy my quiet time away from the screen. Then SXSW happened. 

You'd think after almost of decade of living in this town I'd have this damn festival figured out. I don't. Every year I either a. freak out and leave town or b. freak out and try to finagle my way into everything. This year, I seemed to have chosen option b. It's not meshing so well with my experiment. After three hours of having 75 tabs open and RSVPing to parties with free tacos and t-shirts, I finally hit a wall. MOVE AWAY FROM THE SCREEN. THIS GOES AGAINST MY EXPERIMENT. I SHALL NOT HIT ANOTHER RSVP BUTTON! I stopped. 

So here's the SXSW test for me this week. I'm one of the locals who actually really like this festival. I get to go to incredible panel talks, discover interesting music, and generally enjoy the madness. So I'm going to dive in, but I can't spend half my time at a phone charging station scrolling through the internet for the next amazing party. I'm going to enjoy it, IRL.