Day 23: Music

I love music. I LOVE MUSIC. How did I ever forget? 

During this month of information detox I allowed myself the loophole of consuming music. I did this because a. I didn't want to end up in an insane asylum but also, music is something I've completely abandoned in the past few years. Podcasts and NPR rule my car now and I'm not quite sure how this happened. My itunes library has sadly become a relic of my indie past, my playlists stuck in the mid to late 2000s. Where did the music go?! 

The past three weeks has unexpectedly turned into a music renaissance for me. All of my information consumptions have been channeled towards this one thing. Maybe I've transferred my addiction like a drug addict turns to sugar after they go cold turkey, but I am grateful for this loophole. For the first time in about a decade, I spent my SXSW actually going out to discover new bands and artists. One week left and I'm singing my days away!