Day 3: The Joy of Grocery Shopping

Shopping in Amsterdam

Shopping in Amsterdam

I don't really like going to the grocery store. I usually just avoid it so I'm stuck with no food in my house and resort to going out to eat all the time. That doesn't spark joy! Back in  Amsterdam I used to make an event out of grocery shopping. I would bike to my local farmers market which was often much cheaper than the grocery store and it always turned into a fun Saturday activity. I went to the turkish butcher for meat, I had my special vegetable stand, and bought bread at a local bakery. It was so good.

I decided my American shopping experience needs to spark joy too. After all, I live here now and I need to eat! I wanted to recreate that feeling at Central Market so I took it upon myself to have the most pleasurable grocery shopping experience this weekend. I put on a spring dress just to feel good wandering around the store and vowed to only buy items that sparked joy. 

I ended up buying half the store. 

I think it might have been good to first purge and declutter and learn how to edit before I take this "joy" approach out into the wild. Nevertheless I ended up buying yummy items I would never have purchased like: 

  • rasberries
  • chocolate covered raisins
  • plantains
  • rosewater
  • sparkling water
  • good cheese
  • good bread 
  • purple corn
  • butternut squash
  • flowers

So I guess I'll be snacking like a Parisian and have no real sustenance but it'll spark joy!? I'll need to keep practicing this one...