Day 20: Meditations

I meditated for an hour last night and afterwards I felt compelled to wander around my neighborhood with my weirdo pup Kevin. I was listening to the podcast On Being where host Krista Tippett interviews botanist Robin Wall Kimmerer on the incredible intelligence of plant life

As I wandered through the dark streets and alleyways staring at the nature all around me while fireflies flickered about, I felt at peace. I felt so much gratitude for all living things that I started cry. Yes, I was that freak in East Austin crying while stroking a giant agave leaf. WTF is going on with me? Meditation, that's what. 

Radical acceptance is about accepting reality as it is, but what is reality anyway? I've walked the same streets on other nights in a hurried fashion trying to get Kevin to poop already because I was afraid that the man walking towards me in the distance might be a creep. Same scenario, different reality. It's difficult to accept that we mostly create our own reality based on our perceptions. I am often a prisoner to my wildly vacillating thoughts and emotions but I can say that through meditation, it is very very very slowly beginning to unravel. I'm beginning to see more clearly. 

Meditation Today: 1 hour