Experiment 4: Final Thoughts or Why I Meditate

Radically accepting Summer. 

Radically accepting Summer. 

Hi! Summer is here and I'm radically accepting that this month's experiment was a total snoozefest. Womp Womp. Some other hippie would have been able to really get down into the nitty gritty emotions of radical acceptance and surrendering to life as it is. But alas, I'm no spiritual teacher and I just got bored at the thought of talking incessantly about radically accepting traffic or drinking too much.

I should have just called this experiment a month of meditation since that's the daily practice I needed to be doing. Also, I haven't been able to really clarify what this month was all about which has made it difficult to really be in this experiment and work with it. 

Though the idea of radical acceptance feels a little vague, I am very clear on why I must sit and meditate. That's something I have been doing everyday for 30 minutes to an hour during this experiment and I've totally noticed a difference in my daily life. I can honestly attribute my meditation retreats and practice to most of the positive changes in my life in the past two years. What are the changes? Well, let's just morph this "Final Thoughts" post into "Why I Meditate." 

Why I Meditate

1. Life is Easier

That's a bold statement but It's true! Life is easier. I mean the same bullshit in life happens but I can handle it better. Why? Because meditation trains you to become less attached to your thoughts, therefore when something bad happens and all the chatter in your mind starts panicking and shouting out orders at you, you're able to ignore the noise. You're like "No, you shut up and let me read this book." And then you start sounding like Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and start talking to yourself. 

2. Better Boundaries

What? Oh wait. Is that really something I need to think about? Nope. I used to say that I was very "open-minded" and lived a philosophy of "live and let live".  But the reality is, I freaking love fixing people's issues and getting into other people's business. Meditation turns you into a detached robot* so you start to separate your being from others and you start to see that in most cases you just have to leave people alone.

*My meditation teacher told me to stop calling myself a detached robot. I think she rephrased it as "un-attached compassion" or something. 

3. Call Me Sunshine Moonbeam

Ok, this might deter y'all from meditation but I'm waaaaay more of a woo woo mystic now that I meditate. I don't know what the heck I would have classified myself as before. Agnostic? Atheist? Damaged from a childhood of West Texas Jesus Camp? Ding Ding Ding! All that fear-based religiosity deterred me from all forms of spirituality for a good decade of my life. Thankfully, meditation has infused spirituality back into my existence. I'm much more in aww by the mysteries of the universe and I am so grateful for that. 

4. Intuition

Clear out the noisy, loud, obnoxious mind and listen. There's another quiet voice deep down inside your gut or your heart and that is THE voice to pay attention to. I'm not always listening but I know that I want my intuition to guide my whole life and through my practice I can finally start hear the difference between my ego and my intuition. 

Gross, did I just write a listicle? So those are my thoughts on meditation. You might turn into a weirdo is all I'm sayin but then again, don't we all want to be as happy as the Dalai Lama? He's so freaking happy! I love him. So I'm going to try and continue my daily meditation practice throughout the rest of this year. I'll let you know how it goes. I'm so so excited for my next experiment. More about that soon!