Day 16: Dance Lessons

Learning to two-step! 

Learning to two-step! 

I'm halfway through my dance month and I am so happy! This is probably my favorite experiment so far. I wonder what it is about dancing that makes people feel so good?

  "Dance is the hidden language of the soul." -Martha Graham

I think you're right, Martha. I've graduated from private dance videos at home to actual dance classes with real humans! I took my first adult tap class which was obviously amazeballs. I only took ballet as a kid so this is definitely new territory for me. I'm also not terrified of tap shoes like I was with a softball so things are already looking up. 

I also took my first two-stepping class which actually ended up being a polka and waltzing lesson. Didn't matter, I had a ton of fun learning how to dance with a partner. I basically only know how to shake my butt to hip hop music which I'm not complaining about but it's time to expand my arsenal of moves ya know? I'm feeling motivated to go out dancing around town more and the weekend is almost here. Anyone wanna dance with me?! :)