Day 1: The Budget

I have a budget people! My spending money after my fixed expenses like rent/bills/insurance is $650. This includes groceries, bars, restaurants, shopping, entertainment, gas, 4th of July, whatever! $650 per month gives me wiggle room to have a life but still keeps me in check and allows me to save. 

I spent the afternoon with my dear friend Jessica. She is great with money and kept me company while I tackled my first day on a budget. First we went to the Domain to return clothes back to Zara. I wasn't too sad about it. Giant clearance signs everywhere were calling my name but Jess kept me focused on returning, not buying more. Plus I got $250 of last month's money back!

I basically have nothing to eat in my house so she also helped me grocery shop on a budget. In hindsight I don't think I did the best job because I spent $75 but I did get a ton of food and still made a few changes in my shopping habits. This sounds pretty bad but for the first time ever I checked the sales signs in the grocery store and shopped accordingly. I shopped in the bulk section for all my grains and I generally reined it in more than I usually would. She did give me a disapproving look when I weighed a giant bag of chocolate covered raisins from the bulk bin. I made a long winded excuse about my needing chocolate to be happy which maybe sort of convinced her :). She allowed me to get one box of popsicles on sale but when I reached my hand out to grab another flavor, she shut the freezer door on me :(. Good idea Jessica. You're a good friend. Next time I should probably bring a shopping list. Since I have all the basics I'm hoping I don't need to spend more than $40 when I make a grocery run. 

Day 1 Spendings: 

Coffeeshop: $3.50, $75 Groceries, Bar $9

Total Spendings: $87.50

Money Available: $562.50

Ahhh! I'm only one day in. This month sucks.