Day 8-10: The Weekend

Kevin loves summer on a budget.

Kevin loves summer on a budget.

I've been sort of nervous about trying out this experiment in July because we all become such social creatures in the summer. People come out of hibernation and want to play! Although I guess in Austin people are pretty much playing all year long but you know what I mean. Fortunately, all the fun summer activities are so cheap. The greenbelt? Free! Barton Springs? 3 bucks. I've been going to bars less and maxing out on porch hangs. 

JJ's HOT TIP: Clean out your fridge and you're likely to spend less on groceries because you'll see what you actually have at home as well as how much you let go to waste. 

Weekend Spendings: 


Battery for car key: $7

Comedy show: $7


Chicken fried steak dinner mmmm: $16

Air for tires: $1.50


Breakfast taco and tea: $6.50

Grocery shopping: $47.50

Money Available: $422