Day 11-12: The Little Things

Kevin ate my damn headphones so I have to replace them. Actually I've been using only one ear bud with the wires exposed  for a week  but I am allowing myself an upgrade so I don't look like a homeless person while I power walk my munching dog around town. So it's almost half way through the month and this budget is, not surprisingly pretty effective. I'm realizing that it's not just the bigger lifestyle upgrades like my house and car that's killing the budget but it's also ALL the little things. My mindless spending habit is like death by a thousand cuts. I don't really have expensive taste or shop a ton or anything like that but I pick up things here and there without thinking twice. So now I'm trying to be much more mindful with every single purchase. I like this game! I want it to become second nature for me to hold off on spending unless I really know I want it or need it. 

In other news, I'm on Pokemon Go like all the other dorks on planet earth. Hey, it's free!

Taylor's HOT TIP: Pause before spending. Never make impulse purchases for non-essentials, wait a week and see if you still want it. 


Headphones: $6.50

Tea: $4.50

Beer at networking event: $6

Drinks while two stepping : $12

ugh I should stop drinking..

Money Available: $393