Day 13-15: Sarah The Squirrel

I feel like I'm pulling a Marie Kondo on my finances this month. Does this credit card annual fee spark joy? No, dispute the fee. Does amazon prime spark joy? Sort of, but I hate the fee so...cancel it. I've been combing through my finances with more detail than ever and am finding inefficiencies everywhere. On the other hand, I've found "lost" money in secret accounts I've forgotten about. I mentioned to Carla, my faux advisor about my recent finding of 60,000 American Airline miles and she looked at me shocked. "How could you not know about this? This would NEVER happen to me." I've had many type-A friends say this too me in the past. My German friend Julia from grad school once pulled out my laundry out of the wash in one giant clump. My winter stockings had wrapped around my jeans in to a perfect ball. "Sarah, what happened? This would never happen to me!" Ladies, I don't know how it happens to me. It just does.

So here's the upside to my unconscious squirreling about. I found $835 in a random savings account that I had forgotten about. I found enough air miles to go abroad for free. I found a small but welcomed $351 in a random investment app. I also found some money lying around in Venmo and Paypal. Not bad! 

Though I'm happy to have found this hidden cash, I'm starting to see how chaotic it is to not have a clear visual map of all my financial numbers in one place. When I talked to Carla about this I asked her about her net worth. She opened up her bank account and showed me just one number in one account. So pretty, so clean, so positive in numbers! When she inquired about mine, it got messy. 

Hmm lets see! I started typing on my computer. "Well I have savings and investments, but wait! I owe on my car, so MINUS THAT plus well, I want to sell my ipad and longboard but I still owe on taxes sooooo..." Several minutes of calculations later and there was still no real number. We laughed for about 10 minutes looking at this typed out attempt to figure out my net worth. She didn't have to remind me that this would NEVER happen to her. 

Carla's HOT TIP:  Keep your accounts simple. Don't open up multiple accounts and don't hide your money. Basically, declutter your finances. 


Tea: $3.50

Tea: $4.75

Face Moisturizer: $12.50

Groceries: $6.50 (An extra stop to my weekly run but I was craving pad thai!)

Money Available: $365.75