Day 17: Sarah The Rebel Part Deux

I told Savannah on Saturday how good I was doing for only going out to eat once a week and not going to my favorite pricey spots like Justine's. She agreed. Of course, 24 hours later I was drinking at the bar and eating a cheeseburger at none other than yup, Justine's. Sometimes I think I live in opposite day. 

My financial advisor was not pleased by the damage I caused in just two days of her absence. I also drank at Yellow Jacket before Justine's. What's that Bible line about your heart is where you put your money? Anyways, I guess mine lies in alcohol :(? I'll rephrase it as fun, community and social experiences ;P. Self denial is so easy. 

Rebecca's HOT TIP: Stop drinking, it'll eat up all your money. 


Yellow Jacket-$6



Money Available: $266.75