Day 2-3: America

Weekends are gonna be tough with this budget because I'm such a social lady! Spent Friday night singing along to the wonderful singer/songwriter Gregory Alan Isakov. I spent some $$ drinking there. I thought about a flask...I didn't do it. Then I celebrated the 4th a day early out with friends on the water. Carla, my "advisor" lectured me on blowing too much money this early in the game. She studied my $75 grocery bill and concluded that I need to buy less perishables because they'll go bad before I can consume it all. Good point! I also got some HOT TIPS from other friends. The only one I can really remember is that I should get very friendly with eggs and beans. Oh and something about dumpster diving but I stopped listening at that point. 

Day 2-3 Spendings: 

Coffeeshop: $3.50

Concert/Drinks: $16

Gas: $19

Money Available: $524

Hoping I can be better now that the weekend is over!