Day 4-6: Ballin on a Budget

Sup sup. I am ballin so hard. Hard on a budget. I spent only $6.50 in 3 days! That never happens to me. I'm just always in the habit of buying things I "need" or wanting to replenish snacks before considering what I can make do with at home. It's a whole new me! I think? 

The last few days have been easy. It's almost freeing to give myself a rule of not spending. Similarly to my first experiment, when I had to say "Yes" to everything, the decision of "No" was taken away from me so I surrendered to the yes. The limited spending rule has also simplified my life. When I think about getting on Amazon, I stop myself. When I think about a Target run, I think again. When I'm hungry, I walk to my fridge not out the door. So far so good! 

I've been collecting advice from friends so I am now including HOT TIPS from friends. 

Anna's Hot Tip: Boil a bunch of eggs and keep them in the fridge. Eat them as snacks when you're hungry. 

Day 4-6 Spendings: 

Coffeeshop: $3.50

Deep Eddy Pool: $3

Money Available: $517.50