Day 7: One Week

I survived one week on a budget! It's sort of fun. It sort of sucks. I tried to drink college style last night. I drank a bunch of whiskey before going to my friend's show so I could stick to my budget and order just one beer when I arrived. I am now feeling very unproductive and hungover wondering why I thought I needed to force myself to be drunk at a show on a Thursday night. Can't I just have a beer and watch a show? Do I need to combine AA into this experiment? Just having some paranoid hungover thoughts right now ;p. But seriously, I'm trying all tactics this month but good to know that I think I've evolved beyond the pre-party binge drinking phase of my life. Phew. 

In other news. I'm selling stuff! Sold my ipad mini. Got a whole craigslist side hustle going on right now. 

Ramesh's HOT TIPDon't meet friends for dinner, meet after for drinks. 

Day 7 Spendings: 

Show Cover: $5

Beer: $5

Money Available: $507.50