Day 29: #FAIL

Yikes, I'm thinking back on this weekend and I don't think I even picked up my camera other than for one work shoot. This experiment might be a #FAIL :(. I'm going to redeem myself in two days in New Orleans..I hope. 

Instead of shooting around town, I've been planning out my next experiment (so excited!!) and my trip to Europe in November. I think I gave up knowing that I'd be shooting during my travels but that's not the point of my experiment. I was supposed to challenge myself and shoot here in Austin everyday! 

I've noticed a pattern with my experiments. If I try and force a particular project, it'll inevitably fall flat. I tend to have a plan for an upcoming experiment and usually at the last minute, my mind twists in on itself and something completely different pops out. Something that ends up being more relevant to my life at that time. For instance, my Month of Money was originally supposed to be  a "Month of Dating." Though both experiments would have been a good challenge, the dating one just felt too forced. Why am I rambling? Oh yeah...the point is, I wasn't feelin this project yall. Maybe it's bringing up too much emo feelings about my relationship with photography. Fears of failure, etc. I don't know. 

Anywhooooooo, that's all.