Seventh Experiment: A Month of Photography

I'm officially halfway through my experiments! I spent the last week not posting at all and feeling a little detached from the project, maybe burned out from six months of so much inner reflection. I wanted a break from "working" on myself so much. This morning I woke up realizing I'm nine days into August and freaked out at the idea of my project slipping away. Looking back, I see how much these experiments have shaped my life in such a positive way. It's been incredible and I'm happy to still have six more experiments left to weave into the rest of my year. 

Soooooo...on to experiment numero 7! 

A month of photography. The truth is, my current life is already one long month of photography but I'm in dire need of shaking things up. I am a photographer by trade, and with any typical love affair there comes a point when the honeymoon ends and you're left with the monotony of daily life. Yes, my once passionate courtship with photography has transitioned into a solid but sometimes lackluster marriage of convenience. When my dad gave me my first DSLR back in 2006, I was so smitten with photography that I was never really seen without my camera. It never even occurred to me back then that I could actually become a photographer for a living. I was just so passionate about photography that eventually my profession sort of chose me. I fell into photography like one falls in love, effortlessly. 

A decade later, though I still truly love photography, I equate my camera with a j-o-b. I look at my heavy DSLR and think of it as effort, as a means to make money. A hobby that once gave me so much joy is now mentally attached to paying the bills, to marketing, to taxes. It actually exhausts me looking at my camera sometimes. How sad is that? 

Yet, I still love the medium. It still takes my breathe away to see a beautiful picture hanging on a wall. I still get giddy when I get that perfect shot. I feel like a little kid when I run around chasing the light during magic hour. I'm still in love. I just need to spicen things up! 

So, for the remainder of August, I'm shooting for fun. In addition to my client work I'm going to spend weekends, evenings, and early mornings shooting for ME, not money. 

The Experiment: A month of personal photography. I will pick up my damn heavy camera and shoot for the joy of taking pictures, nothing else. 

The Rules: Allocate time and effort to take pictures outside of my job and share my photography here. 

The Reason: To fall back in love with something I already have. How corny is that? 

Time to start shooting!