Day 26: So Many Dishes. So Little Patience

I've only gone out to eat once in the past two weeks. That's really really good for me! I've been whipping up dishes left and right but have left no evidence with photography. It's hard to style a shoot for every meal when you're hungry!

So here's a list of great dishes I've cooked up with recipes! 

1. Pad Kee Mao- This is a great alternative to Pad Thai and it's so easy to make. I love pork and basil so it's sort of perfect. Also also, I've discovered the NYTimes cooking section. I've read Mark Bittman's books but didn't really dive into their recipes. Man they have some great recipes. I'm sold. 

2. Falafal/pita/couscous - I made falafel from a box I had and didn't really follow a recipe for couscous, but here's a great recipe for homemade pita. It's way easier than I thought. 

3. Gazpacho - Chef Jose really took over this one but it was so tasty and pretty simple! 

4. Jajangmyun - One of my favorite Korean dishes with my favorite Korean chef, Maangchi! 

Only a few more days left! I think I'll stick to cooking though, its fun.