Day 28: Katharine Hepburn’s Brownies

I became obsessed with the idea of cooking at the age of nine after watching an episode of Reading Rainbow where the host featured the life of a baker. After that I was determined to bake my own brownies from scratch. I told my dad my new idea and he got me a kid's cookbook and took me to the store. When we got to the baking section my dad handed me a red instant bake brownie box where you only have to add eggs and vegetable oil. I was like OH HELLLLLL NO, I want to bake for reals, and threw a fit. He calmly told me that it was my first time and that baking was really difficult and I should try the box first. So I made box brownies. It was pretty good and he was right, it was easy enough for a nine year old to try.

Years passed and I think box baking just became the normal way for me to bake. I figured that baking real brownies was too difficult to tackle so I never actually attempted it...until this month. The results? Baking from scratch takes like five more minutes than baking from a box. Katherine Hepburn knows