Eighth Experiment: A Month of Cooking

A dinner I photographed, not prepared. But many grand plans to cook like this. 

A dinner I photographed, not prepared. But many grand plans to cook like this. 

“...no one is born a great cook, one learns by doing.”          -Julia Child

I'm busting out my apron, I'm borrowing a kitchenaid, and I'm going to finally invest in a decent knife! That's right, I'm spending the month September delving in the art of cooking and baking. My history with cooking is semi-recent. I'm not sure when other humans learn how to cook but I was still ordering fast food tacos 3 times a day until the age of 23. It was a fine existence, I love tacos so what's the problem? There was none until I moved abroad to Amsterdam, land of expensive dining. 

I moved there as a broke grad student and quickly realized that if I didn't learn how to cook up a healthy meal, I'd be surviving off cheese sandwiches for the next three years. Noooooooo! I went into survival mode and learned how to cook. I started with simple dishes like curry and pasta and eventually graduated to Korean cooking. By the end of my time there I was shipping in masa and a tortilla press from the states and making homemade corn tortillas. I know, I was very into this cooking thing. 

Upon returning to Austin, I was re-introduced to affordable dining options and my desire to cook slowly waned. Especially now that I live alone and it's still hot outside, my "cooking" has resorted to blending frozen fruits and spinach in the blender. I miss cooking! 

The Experiment: For the month of September, I am going to cook and bake (almost) all of my meals! 

The Rules: I have to experiment with NEW dishes. I cannot assemble taco ingredients for breakfast lunch and dinner :(. I have to get creative! 

The Reason: Because cooking is amazing! It's pretty uniquely human. It makes the basic act of eating a form of art. It's communal, it's creative, it's delicious.