Twelfth Experiment: A Month of Rejections

Oh em geee, I'm on my last experiment!! I took a month long hiatus to accomplish a month of "nothing" but that's no way to end a year long project! So, here is my last experiment. 

"You already have the no." -Aiala Hernando

I saw this the other day and it's been ringing in my ear for days. I've noticed that in the area of my career, I mostly let things come to me rather than chase after what I really want. It's been fine but I realized I haven't taken nearly as many risks as I should have. I've been scared of hearing the "Nos" so I never reap the benefits of a "Yes."

For instance, I would love to pitch my work to huge publications, or assist under a very established photographer. I would love to have my own gallery show or have my photography prints sold by a major online retailer. I  want someone to mentor me and  I want my own agent. I would love to travel again for photography and be paid for it. I would love to photograph a book for an artist or a chef. The list goes on and on and on!

These all sound like pipe dreams but at the end of the day, real people do this kind of work everyday. There's no reason why that can't be me. I know this, yet I don't try. 

I don't like having to climb the inertia of fear, it's so much easier to eat sour punch straws and stare at the wall (something I do often), but all the good things I've ever achieved, be it professional or personal involved me taking a risk of possibly being rejected. And as I read in this article, rejection is exactly what we should aim for.

"I asked her what her secret was, and she said something that would change my professional life as a writer: “Collect rejections. Set rejection goals. I know someone who shoots for one hundred rejections in a year, because if you work that hard to get so many rejections, you’re sure to get a few acceptances, too.”

So for my 12th and final experiment, I'm going to aim for rejections instead of wins. I'm so scared of rejection that I don't go for what I really want, but if I think I have nothing to lose anyway, then maybe I'll aim higher, for the work I really want. 

My last experiment has got me almost as scared as Trump being president.

The Experiment: Instead of trying to achieve goals, aim for rejections for a month. 

The Rules: I have to reach out and aim for a rejection everyday. That means going after potential clients that would most likely say "no" to my proposals and being ok with it. I want at least 30 rejections by the end of February.

The Reason: I'm so scared of failure, especially in my career that I end up not taking any risks, which inevitably creates a self-fulfilling prophecy.