Day 8: Procrastination

This experiment is so interesting! I'm realizing that I have quite a few hang ups when it comes to the idea of "selling myself". It feels icky and I have fears of coming off like a cheesy car salesman. I end up looking for anything else to do then to send out a seemingly painless email to potential clients. I'd rather clean out my fridge than get rejected. What's that about? 

Some thoughts that run through my mind while I'm pitching. 

  • "Do I even want to work with this potential client?"
  • "These people think I'm desperate!" 
  • "They're not going to respond so what's the point." 
  • "They probably won't pay what I deserve."
  • "I survived this far without pitching, why start now!?"
  • "I'd rather eat ice cream." 

Seriously, I feel so many weird anxious feelings even typing this. Am I alone in this? I need help.

P.S. So far rejections have come in the form of people failing to respond back to emails. Besides all the madness in my mind, this experiment has been pretty uneventful. 

P.P.S. Even though I hate dealing with all my insecurities, it's been good for me to stop making excuses and just reach out!