Experiment 12: Final Thoughts


“Oh well, you lose some, you win some, as long as the outcome is income.” -Drake 

I’ve been rejected. Over and over again. And I feel greeeeeaaaat! 

Here are a list of all my rejections. 

The Nos:

I got rejected to be interviewed five times on various podcasts about this project.

I got rejected to be a photographer for a retreat in Ecuador

I got rejected to meet two potential clients for coffee.

I got rejected for a few photography gigs.

I even got rejected just last night, the potential client straight up told me they went with another photographer for a big job. I spent a long time on a proposal and thought it was in the bag. It kinda hurt. I wondered if I was not good enough, if I asked for too much money. If I asked for too little and it made me look like an amateur. The insecurities, if you let it, can go on and on. 

On the flip side, I had many wins. I landed more photo gigs this month than any other month in the past year! 

The Wins:

I landed a year long client who is so fun to work with! 

I met with other photographers to bounce ideas off of. I don’t know why I’ve been intimidated by this in the past but it ended up being really great. 

I upped my rates for 2017 and all is fine in the world. 

Being rejected so many times made me strong enough to do my own rejecting. I finally let go of clients that did not “spark joy”. Yes, I decluttered my work. I feel guilty about getting rid of old socks so imagine how far I’ve come to declutter clients I don’t want. Learning to overcome rejection on both ends helped me get over my fears and do what’s right for me and my business. 

All in all, rejection still sucks balls but now I see that it’s a necessary part of growth. I’m ready to make this experiment a daily habit. 

Umm guys, this means my experiments are over. Holy crap, that was long! Final post coming soon.