How to Start Your Own 12 Experiments

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Ahh this is so exciting! I’m not all alone in my 12 Experiments. I have friends and strangers (who will soon be friends) joining me for the 2019 reboot! Last time I was all by lonesome and it was fun but this will be extra special to share this experience with others!

Ok, so how do I start my own 12 Experiments you ask? I

First of all, this is a no shame zone. I’m sure you will shame yourself a million times because thats how the mind works but the whole design of this coming year is to look at every month as a really fun experiment. If you want to run everyday and you don’t, that’s ok! If you want to wake up at 5am everyday and you only do it twice in the whole month, that’s great! If you hate an experiment, it’ll be over in less that one month! The whole point is to play with each experiment and just see what happens. We’re throwing out the need to achieve in place of throwing new ideas at all a wall and seeing if it sticks. That’s it!

What kind of experiments should I do?

I made a guide of 100 Experiment ideas here.

I found that doing things that I’ve always been curious about to be the most effective. For example, I’ve always wanted to learn how to two-step so I had a whole month of dancing to push me to sign up for lessons and learn. Maybe one month you’re crazy busy so you can just try a month of hydration and drink lots of water. Maybe you have stage fright and you want to push yourself in ways you haven’t before so you sign up for improv and toastmasters. I like to mix it up with fun and challenging experiments but really, there’s no wrong experiment. Just do what you feel like doing. You don’t even have to know what you want to do until right before you start!

What is the format of 12 Experiments?

We will start January 1, 2019. Between now and then you can brainstorm possible experiment ideas. You can come up with a theme if you want or wing it and go month by month. I’ll like to reveal my experiment a few days before it starts and write a post on why I’m doing that experiment. My hopes, my fears, and whatever else I feel about the topic. Then you can post as much or as little as you like. If you’re running everyday, you can post pictures everyday, or videos, or a little write up once a week on how it is all going. There’s no hard format, just let people know how it’s going. If it’s fun, if it sucks, if you want to die and crawl in a cave. Whatever! At the end of each experiment I like to recap the month and talk about how it all worked out. Lessons I learned, pros, and cons. General feelings on the experiment. Then I reveal my next experiment and start again. That’s basically it!

How should I share my 12 Experiments?

You can start your own blog like this one, or this one. I built mine on squarespace and my friend Nicole made hers on Wordpress. Blogging is nice if you like long form writing and want a dedicated place for all of your experiments. But if that sounds too daunting, don’t put pressure on yourself. You can also just post on instagram or facebook with the hashtag #12experiments. I think it’s great to announce it somewhere on the interwebs and post a picture and a blurb at least weekly just to have accountability. I think if I didn’t do that last time, I would have never kept up with it. If you’re super shy or want to keep it low key, I made a private FB group of other 2019 Experimenters so you can share with us and we can all motivate each other.

Ok, I’m in I wanna do it! What next?

YAAAY! It’s going to be the most fun year! Join the FB group and let me know where you will be sharing your experiments so I can link you on this site. If you want to remain anonymous, thats ok too, just let me know. Start brainstorming experiment ideas and creating your blog if you want to go that route. Then let the WORLD (or the FB group) know that you’re doing these Experiments in 2019. That’s it! Until you have to change up your whole year by doing the actual project! ;P

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