First Experiment: A Month of Cleaning

Month of Cleaning, 12 Experiments

You guys, I have a secret. I have been in a real funk lately! You wouldn’t be able to tell with all the excitement I have sprinkling around the internet on re-booting the 12 Experiments and gathering a troop of friends to join. It’s maybe why I’m doing the experiments again, to help me get outta my little Debbie downer days. The main thing going on with my life is that I’ve been very sick to slightly sick-ish since Halloween. It started out with a severe flu and what’s now lingering is a thick coat of unrelenting exhaustion covered in cedar fever. I saw doctors and naturopaths, I tried to sleep if off, rest it off, exercise it off, supplement it off, and tried hard core antibiotics. and I’m still sick…

What seems to help is not googling “am I dying?” everyday and let myself rest when I need it. What also seems to help is to get up in the morning and drink a big pot of tea and still be somewhat productive and go on with my life as much as I can…hence this project!

All this to say, I want to start the first project with something where I can still hibernate at home while feeling like I’m doing something fun, renewing, and productive in my life.

Sooo, in honor of starting fresh in the new year, I’m going to clean my house! And because I’m such a tired space cadet who needs much hand holding, I will use Flylady Diane’s Youtube Videos to guide me through a 31-day home cleaning challenge!

The Experiment: For the month of January, I’m virtually reaching out to Flylady Diane to help me clean my house from top to bottom.

The Rules: Flylady Diane uses the FlyLady system to clean her home and organize her life. I don’t really know how I feel about the whole FlyLady system yet. It feels like a lot to remember and not very intuitive compared to my true Japanese tidying hero, Marie Kondo. BUT, I do like the idea of a 31-day challenge to get your home cleaned! Each day, Diane posts a video with a set of instructions that build onto the next day.

For Example, the first day, all you have to do is wash your dishes in the evening, the second, you have to get dressed first thing in the morning. So on the third day, you’re washing dishes, getting dressed, and then adding on the next task. After 31 days, you have established a whole new set of morning and night time routines that you can ideally keep going after the month.

The Tasks:

  • Declutter and reorganize my home to match my life now

  • Have a clear daily routine around my chores and life

  • Learn to use the timer

  • Dust my furry furniture and mop my dirty floors

The Reason: Since I’m in my little funk, I want the nicest Scottish auntie-like figure to help me with my life. I need her to gently tell me to wash my dishes and get out of my pajamas. The simplest of tasks I know but this is what my sick little soul needs right now! Also, I’m sad to admit that I haven’t mopped my floors in possibly one whole year.

I will be posting my daily cleanings on instagram stories. So Fresh and so clean!