Day 26: Daily Routines The Flylady Way


I got tired of cleaning so I ran away to Hawaii! Jk, just on vacation but it does feel really nice to be relieved of cleaning duties for a week. I’m finishing up my month of cleaning a week early but I feel good about it, I think I’m basically done with cleaning my house. There’s still frames to be placed on walls, a couple of drawers to be organized, the front porch to be swept, but all in all, the deep cleaning is basically done!

I want to share another hot tip this month. According to Flylady Diane, another secret to keeping the house clean on the regular (besides the timer) is to incorporate tasks into your daily routine. If you do a little everyday, you don’t ever have to deep clean! I have been building these routines up each day over the past month and documenting on instagram stories. It feels equally daunting and liberating to have a list of things to do everyday. Here are all the routines below, divided by morning and night. I’m not finished with building up my routines yet but I will comment on the ones that I have added to my list.

Morning Routines

  1. Getting Dressed to Lace Up Shoes, Fixing your Hair and Face - I love this one! I literally can work in my pajamas on non-shooting days but forcing myself to get dressed has been huge in making myself feel more productive.

  2. Swishing and Swiping Your Bathroom Blesses You Most - Want to get better at daily maintenance of the bathroom.

  3. Is Your Bed Made? Every Room has a Shiny Sink - Jose, my husband makes the bed. :)

  4. Checking Your Calendar; relieves stress - I love looking at the calendar ahead of time and prepping.

  5. Reboot Your Laundry; A load a day keep Mount Washmore Away- Jose also does laundry. What a prince!

  6. Think about what's for dinner this relieves lots of guilt - This is an entirely new concept to me. I have started figuring out what I’m going to cook the night before and make sure I have all the ingredients. I think I’ve already saved so much money doing this.

  7. Drink your water, take your supplements, and meds

  8. Empty Your Dirty Dish Disposal Unit - No Dishwasher but shining my sink every night!

  9. Check Your Morning Routine to see if you missed anything

  10. Have you had any lunch - Never would I forget lunch.

  11. Reboot Your Laundry

  12. Declutter for 15 minutes - Already did my big Marie Kondo declutter at the beginning of the month so not going to add to morning routines.

  13. Did you drink your water?

  14. Have you exercised today? - I’ve been so sluggish lately. Winter, sickness, etc. I want to add this to the mix!

Evening Routines

  1. Start Your Before Bed Routine after dinner

  2. Check Your Calendar for Tomorrow - I bought the productivity planner this year and it should honestly be its own experiment but its a game changer! I write out my todo list the night before in this planner.

  3. Lay Out Your Clothes for Tomorrow - I love this one too! Nice to not think about what I’m going to wear the next day.

  4. Place things needed for Tomorrow on your launch pad - Been getting my camera equipment organized the night before so I don’t have to worry about memory cards or charged batteries in the morning.

  5. Spend Two Minutes Clearing off a Hot Spot

  6. Shine Your Sink - Yes! Every single night, even when I really really don’t want to.

  7. Wash face/Brush Teeth - This one might seem obvious but I just got a facial and the esthetician was like girllll get it together. So I’m being better about my face .

  8. Go to Bed at a Decent Hour - Terribly failing at this one. Went to bed at 1am last night.

Who knows if I’ll keep this going after January but I hope I do. I loved my month of cleaning but ready for experiment number 2!

P.S. If you are doing your own experiments or you’re interested in doing your own experiments, I made a ginormous list of 100 experiment ideas here!