Second Experiment: A month of Business

When not spending my time on aimless self-help adventures, I am a full-time photographer. I love it. I think it's a passion. I also think I have 100 other passions so sometimes I get tripped up about that, but that's neither here or there. I don’t think I grew up thinking I'd become a photographer though looking back at my childhood, I was constantly taking pictures. It just came naturally to me. So naturally that people started to hire me for it and 7 years later, I'm still doing it. 

My career is sort of that simple. Of course I put in many many hours, took classes, put myself out there, blah blah, but to be honest, I mostly don’t think about it. I tend to spend most of my time in my business (like shooting) and much less time working on my business. I sometimes neglect doing the nitty gritty behind the scenes work that makes up a business. Stuff like blogging, updating my portfolio, showing my work, marketing, sales, finding mentors. I'm sure many other creatives can relate!  Some people are naturally better at the business part of their creative work and others are better at being the artist. I'm the latter. 

People ask me how I land gigs and I say things like "I manifest it!" and they roll their eyes. I'm just going to let my woo flag fly early in these experiments. I believe in magic. But I also know that I used to be in major debt and pulled my broke ass out of it by reading personal finance books and making a budget. I used to be a hot mess in relationships and I am now married to the cutest Jose because I went to therapy and stopped dating men who are emotionally unavailable. Did the universe conspire with me to have money in the bank and help me find my soul mate? Yes! AND, I also helped myself. All this to say that I still heavily rely on fairy dust and intuition in business but my intuition now thinks a little bit of practicalities could help balance me out a bit!



The Experiment:  I'm spending the month of February working on my business instead of in my business. I will finish off the month by heading to Marfa for my very first photography retreat

The Rules: I'm going to update my portfolio, reach out to other biz owners, read books, unleash the large body of work I produced in 2018 to the internet instead of hoarding it on my hard drive. I'm going to organize my biz life! 

The Reason:  I want to feel as liberated with my business as I do about my finances or my relationships. Also, the month of cleaning both helped me and was the perfect prescription to get out of my January funk. I deep cleaned the whole damn house and felt like a 1950's housewife on speed! (Wasn't that actually a thing?) The purging and revamping was so good for my home and I want to keep the momentum going...this time with my business. Imagine what I could get done if I was really on speed! 

If you have business advice or books, holler at me.

As usual, I will post my progress on Instagram.

To my fellow experimenters, if you're still stuck on what experiment to do next, I made a ginormous list of 100 experiment ideas here!