Day 7: The Life of a Childless Soccer Mom

Meditation Alter Now Sparks Joy!

Meditation Alter Now Sparks Joy!

It’s one week into the new year and I think I’ve somehow mixed all 12 Experiments into one! I started out with the intention of cleaning my house (like the mopping/dusting kind of cleaning). Then, my decluttering hero Marie Kondo’s Netflix show “Tidying Up” distracted me into a decluttering frenzy. Meanwhile, my CPA emailed me about getting my finances in order so I spent several hours fixing up my budget. While reviewing my budget I was shocked to realize that I am no longer amazing at money but rather, I ate my paychecks away in the dining out category. Which of course lead to a month of cooking and meal planning. To sum it up, I've turned into my spirit animal, a soccer mom.

Anywhoo, the actual task of this month was to follow Flylady Diane’s 31-Baby Steps and I have been doing it!

Day 1 - Shine Sink: Wash dishes every night and put them away so you don’t have to wake up to a mess in the mornings. Sink is shined and empty everyday.

Are you impressed? I put on clothes!

Are you impressed? I put on clothes!

Day 2 - Dress to Shoes: As soon as you wake up, put on proper clothes including makeup and accessories so you don’t end up in a freelance pajama vortex. This one is great. I love forcing myself to look good everyday even if I don’t have a shoot scheduled and I’m just working at home on my computer. I feel like a real life humanoid!

Day 3 - Sticky Notes and Reminders: You’re supposed to put up post-it notes around the house to remind yourself to dress to shoes and clean the sink. I haven’t done it because it feels ugly to put up little papers everywhere but since I am supposed to FOLLOW THE RULES, maybe I should put them up today.

Day 4 - Routines and Limit Screen Time: I’ve been doing my above mentioned routines but terrible at limiting screen time right now!

Day 5 - Time to Breathe: Take 5 minutes everyday to do nothing. Easy, done.

Day 6 - Clean Up Hotspots: As flat surfaces clutter up like the kitchen counter or the credenza, take time throughout the day to put things back where they belong. I love this one. It only takes 2 minutes and it makes the home so clean when tables are cleared off.

So, experiment one is going good so far. It’s straight forward and I’m being good about overcoming my laziness and doing annoying tasks even when I don’t feel like it. I do wonder if I’m running on the gas of “New Year, New me!” and all of these good habits will fall away come spring. Time will tell.

I’m posting daily on instagram stories if you’re so inclined to watch someone else clean!

Also, I’ve had many people inquire about joining recently. if you’re inspired to do the 12 Experiments, it’s not too late! Let’s throw perfectionism out the window and start one week into the New Year, you rebel you. Here’s a step by step guide on how to start your own 12 Experiments.