Final Thoughts Month of Vegetables

This month was good. In conclusion, I want my life to be a month of vegetables! I did realize that I don’t want to be vegan after this experiment. I thought I would maybe want to give up meat and dairy altogether but I after a couple of weeks, I really craved meat. I did however realize that I want to incorporate so much more healthy veggies and whole foods into my diet. I want my plates to be colorful and I want to feel light and good after most meals and have my cheeseburgers as a treat instead of a daily occurrence.

The Good: I lost probably 7 pounds and I felt amazing! I guess that alone should be enough of a reason to eat more vegetables.

The Bad: You have to prepare so much ahead of time to eat whole foods. No grabbing junk food from the pantry. As with all of these experiments, planning ahead became a struggle for me. I also just missed meat but it was manageable.

The results: I want to cook more and eat healthier meals at home. A plant-based whole foods cleanse twice a year would be really good for me!