Experiment Eleven: Month of Morning Routines


I realize that as the experiments progress, my leanings towards become a total square are skyrocketing. Remember the good ol’ days when I used to just make dance videos for a month straight? I miss that Sarah. Except I guess I don't because I'm currently being called to more mundane pursuits...like flossing every day. To not get further depressed by my boringness, I'll move on to this month's experiment! 

When I initially embarked on 12 Experiments back in 2016, by far my WORST experiment was a month of mornings. I went from being a complete night owl who went to bed at 1am and woke up to no alarm at 9am, to one of those annoyingly overachieving 5amers. It lasted about four days. I hated every second of it and surrendered my life back to being a nocturnal being. 

But over the years, I've started to go out less at night and naturally get up closer to 7am and felt better for it. I started incorporating journaling and meditating to my morning routines. Three years ago, you would have never seen me show up to a yoga class before 6pm. I only worked out at night, now I regularly go to class at 8am. WHATS HAPPENING TO ME? I dunno…I kinda like it. 

The Experiment: 

For this second-to-last experiment (gasp), I'm going to intentionally set up a solid morning routine. I want to be an overachiever like Oprah, or Michelle, or Obama, and guess what? They all wake up early as fuck and do a bunch of shit. I know I'm aspiring high but if I do just 1% better than before, I'm happy. 

The Rules: 

I'm using today's daylight savings time to my advantage and start waking up at 6am. Yesterday’s 6am is today’s 7am so I gained an hour to my advantage. Instead of feeling sad that I'm up too early, I can tell myself it's actually 7am and that's a perfectly reasonable time to wake up! It'll work, I'm determined! 

Then I plan to do some combination of meditating, journaling, reading, and working out every morning before I start my work day. 

The Reason: 

As a freelancer with a wildly varied schedule who's on the road much of the year, it's important for me to find some sort of consistency in my life. The morning routines can be a time that I just have for myself. I'm also curious to see if this will help change other habits in my life. I never thought I'd say this but I'm excited to get up early!