Day 13: Act Two. Business Research Goes South.

Made a new profile pic!

Made a new profile pic!

I miss those peaceful days of cleaning, where I used the act of scrubbing my tub as a way to procrastinate from tasks like hashtagging my images for optimal exposure. Those were the good ol’ days.

I’ve entered the second act of my current experimental play. The part where the protagonist (me) encounters trouble and has no way of getting out. As always in these experiments, my conflict is mostly existential. All of this brushing up on my business has me spinning. I’ve spend the last two days with 18 tabs open on my browser, frantically searching for…for I don’t even know what! The google queries began at marketing, took a pit stop at sales calls, dove deep into getting represented by a photo agent, and I finally passed out somewhere between licensing and usage fees. I need focus. I’m ready for act three where I realize I’m not alone in this universe and some advisor named Professor Dumbledore guides me back on my path.

Self Portrait_Sarah Natsumi Moore-5.jpg

Once again, this experiment is reminding me of the time when I first started schooling myself on money. Back then I also had 18 tabs open and read every book I could on the topics of boring, I mean personal finance until I finally found a plan of action that worked, and eventually got out of debt. So even though I’m in a dark place now, I know it won’t last if I keep digging. Unless I’m in a French art film. Then I won’t be able to face my shortcomings as an artieeest, I’ll pick up a heroin habit and you won’t hear from me again. will expire and link to a porn site and you’ll wonder, “hey whatever happened to that one photographer?” Fin.