Featured Experiment: Month of Sunrises and Sunsets


Yall, I have been so moved by other experiments! They are all so unique and personal and it sparks joy to see others enjoying this little framework. I decided to share what others are up to with a monthly guest post. This month I’m featuring my dear friend Sierra Olalla. I met her while volunteering at a meditation retreat over a year ago and we were instantly two peas in a pod.

Here is Sierra’s post.

“There’s always a sunrise and a sunset, and it’s up to you to choose to be there for it [to] put yourself in the way of beauty”

- Cheryl Strayed

I stumbled upon this passage a few years ago and it’s stuck with me ever since. To intentionally put oneself in the path of beauty - that it really could be as simple as just showing up. I knew when I started my 12 experiments that I wanted to dedicate a month to watching the sunrise and/or sunset everyday, and, having spent the first few days of February gazing at the rise and fall of the sun over an epic west Texas landscape, I decided to ride that magic through the rest of the month.

It’s been a beautiful journey, to say the least. I have found myself filled with gratitude in seeing the unfolding of the often heartbreaking glory of our planet’s daily display of her evolving masterpieces. A window into heaven - paraded in front of us as we tumble through our day, often caught up in the details of our personal narrative, eyes downcast. 


To intentionally lift my eyes toward the sky has grounded me into the rhythms of the land and also given me the opportunity for a few precious moments to break the spell of whatever keeps me from the heartbeat of the world. Many nights I have found myself inside or with friends, only to realize the time, spill excitedly into the outdoors, and have my breath stolen away by something so spectacular, so humbling, and yet so freely offered as a gift to each one of us, every single day.

This month I put myself in the way of beauty, and with open eyes turned upward, found her crossing my path.