Day 26: Spinning Plates

My once exciting, now turned annoying to do app

My once exciting, now turned annoying to do app

It’s 26 days into my month of yoga and I’ve hardly thought about yoga. I would call this experiment the month of spinning plates, trying to keep all my habits up so I can be the most optimized person on planet earth. How did I get here?!

Back in January I got super excited about deep cleaning my house. A new year renewal! On top of cleaning I thought it would be fun to start implementing good daily habits like shining my sink every night, and dressing to shoes first thing in the morning. I felt so fresh!

In February, I evaluated my business and learned so much about how to better achieve my goals. This meant stepping up my game in terms of on boarding processes, reaching out to people, and staying on top of marketing. I even hired an amazing coach who encouraged me to outreach every week and journal every morning so I’m always in touch with how I’m feeling. I was already feeling so good with my home and now my business!

March rolls in and I decided to take it up a notch and focus on my body. So I tack on the task of yoga and meditation. Look at me! I have added so many good habits in my life!

My daily to do list started to look something like this.

  1. Dressing to Shoes

  2. Reaching out to potential clients

  3. Journaling

  4. Yoga

  5. Meditation

  6. Walking Kevin

  7. Reading Business Books

  8. Playing the Violin

  9. Shining my sink

I thought things were going great until about half-way through the month when I realized I was getting stressed out chasing my to do list everyday. I was frantically running from one task to the next to get my walk in, play my scales, do my 20 minute meditation. Not to mention feeding myself, going to work, sleeping, running 12 Experiments, and socializing. The feel good to-do list suddenly became overwhelming and annoying…so I started to rebel.

I ditched my yoga for happy hour and playing my violin to binge on Netflix. It felt glorious to screw over the idealized version of myself.

Then again too much Netflix and chilling feels gross too. Indulgence vs structure. Dark vs light. Action vs rest. It’s all a delicate balance. If yoga is about balance, then I don’t know that if I’m succeeding this month.