Day 29: Back to Structure

I know that only three days ago I started complaining about my overwhelming to-do list but I think things are shifting. In my previous post, I talked about how all of my new habits that I cultivated in my previous experiments were piling up and I couldn’t handle all the daily tasks. The day I wrote my post, this article landed in my inbox. Titled “How I Became Happier and More Consistent Keeping Good Habits”, the writer was doing exactly what I was doing. He wanted to solve the question, “What should I be doing each day to stay healthy, happy, sane, and productive?”

Done App

Done App

So he created a spreadsheet similar to my habit tracker app and started tracking his daily goals. As a result, he started feeling better and the spreadsheet was surprisingly motivating for him to keep going. For some reason, reading this article shifted something in me. I started to think of my daily todos as restrictive and not fun but actually, the author made me realize that this is what I wanted to be doing with my day and I do generally feel really good when I’m accomplishing these small tasks.

Last night while on my daily walk with Kevin, I started listening to this podcast on time management that further helped me change my perspective on my routines. The host Brooke Castillo, explains how she manages her life and schedules her time. She starts out by saying that we as humans do not have to do anything. We don’t have to send out Christmas cards, we don’t even have to breathe. We choose to live be cause we want to. We choose certain tasks because we want to grow and we want to do it. So honoring yourself by keeping to your commitment is a privilege. Thats the shortest synopsis of this episode but it really really resonated with me. I so often get excited about tasks, throw them on my calendar and at the last minute, I cancel or find an excuse to not do it. Sometimes it’s fun to be rebellious and play hooky on myself but most of the time, it reiterates that I can’t trust that I’ll show up for myself, that I am not reliable.

Anyways, not to be all hard on myself or anything like that, I mostly feel really grateful for hearing/reading these perspectives. I feel more committed to my experiments and to my life in general.

If you feel like you fall through on your commitments, I highly recommend the podcast episode!